Medical Tourism Process

We've developed a comprehensive program to best guarantee a safe and pleasurable quest for better health.

Please take the time to review this important information.


We realize you have a choice in which medical tourism company you use. So, we'd like to show you the value of our services, up-front, to help you understand the importance of working with a company that utilizes a safe, proven, detailed process when travelling abroad for medical care. 


After investing over 15,000 hours of research and development in shaping the medical tourism industry, we would like to share our conclusions with you. No need for you to have to research on your own. However, we need your commitment and cooperation to be successful in this endeavour. We've developed the model, you can simply follow our lead. 


The following information has been assembled to give you a brief overview of our medical travel process. Based on our many years of experience, since July of 2003, we have developed a very comprehensive process that requires your understanding and cooperation. This process normally takes between 10-15 days before you are able to depart your home town, so, we must work diligently to accomplish all the necessary tasks before you begin your travels..


If we receive your full cooperation, without continual changes, the process will flow very smoothly. By following the guidelines of our health tourism model, you will have increased the chances of a very safe and pleasurable healing. We look forward to working with you in an effort to providing you with the very best medical tourism services available in the world. 


Medical Tourism Program Outline

Complete the Application/Enquiry Form 

Step 2:
Receive a price quotation for the procedure(s) and accommodations

STEP 2 (a)
Discussion with our Medical Coordination Consultant

STEP 2 (b)
Your Decision to Move Forward

STEP 2 (c)
Review your medical procedure requirements

STEP 3 (a)
Signature of Agreements

STEP 3 (b)
Provide transcripts, MRI, x-rays, photos, etc.

STEP 3 (c)
Medical Questionnaire Submission (If Required)

STEP 3 (d)
Expectations Form Treatment and Potential Travel Dates

STEP 3 (e)
Facilitate questions you may have for your chosen surgeon 

STEP 4 (a)
Visa Acquisition 

STEP 4 (b)
Review the price quotation and discuss potential dates to travel

STEP 4 (c)
Choosing a Hotel

STEP 4 (d)

These next four tasks must occur simultaneously

STEP 5 (a)
Introduction to your Destination Program Manager (DPM)  

STEP 5 (b)
Pre-travel information (if required) 

STEP 5 (c)
Departure from your local airport

STEP 6 (a)
Arrival in destination and greeted by your Destination Program Manager (DPM) or Designated Driver

STEP 6 (b)
Pre-Surgery or Treatment consultation with medical team 

Surgical procedure / Medical Treatment

Post treatment recuperation 

Post treatment enjoyment

STEP 10  
Return home